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Due diligence around sustainability

Want to change the world? Start a business.

More and more entrepreneurs are looking to build a new economy for the future. More B2B businesses are encouraging this belief. Like Triodos Bank who now only finances sustainable and/or social responsible companies and projects. Or the B-Corp. network, which can only be joined by companies who meet high social and sustainability standards.

There are already a range of standards and criteria to help sustainable companies demonstrate their impact. These provide guidelines for the implementation of sustainability goals in the operation of a company. But what does that really mean? And how do you really measure sustainability?

Unfortunately, not every company that calls itself sustainable is in fact sustainable. The need for a method to define and verify the sustainability factor of a company becomes more important in the Netherlands – but also elsewhere.

Oranjekom Advocaten is the first law firm in the Netherlands that offers due diligence specifically in regards to the values and criteria of the sustainability factor of companies. Our goal? To provide our clients with the verified information they need in order to make sustainable management decisions.


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